Why can’t I activate Cash by Mukuru Pay as a payment method?

Why can’t I activate Cash by Mukuru Pay as a payment method?

Compliance plays a very important part of our operations at PayFast and we have to be very mindful of the rules, regulations and requirements of various bodies governing our operation including the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), our partner banks and the card associations (Visa and Mastercard). 


You won’t be able to offer Cash by Mukuru as a payment method if you sell any of the following: 


  • Online gambling or casinos (excluding sports betting) 

  • Pornography (excluding adult materials, and personal dating) and escort services) 

  • pharmaceuticals, prescription and recreational drugs 

  • Cigars and/or tobacco sales 

  • Liquor (where the merchant’s brand is directly associated with the sale of liquor, for example, a liquor store) 

  • Money transfer operator 

  • Bureaux de change 

  • Manual cash disbursements 

  • Merchandise services (such as loans or financing) 

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