How do I use Payfast on Shopify?

How do I use Payfast on Shopify?

Allow seamless transacting on your Shopify store by integrating with Payfast's Payments App.

Our Shopify Payments App provides rich features and functionality to ensure buyers are able to checkout from your store in a way that suits them best.

There are three ways to initiate the installation of the Payfast Payments App for Shopify. After initiating the installation, the process then follows the same procedure. 

Step 1: Initiate the Installation

Option 1: Directly From your Payfast Dashboard:

  1. Ensure that you’re logged into your Shopify store. 

  2. Log in to your Payfast Dashboard.

  3. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  4. Next to Integrate with Shopify, toggle from Disabled to Enabled to enable our Payments App. 

  5. Enter your Shopify-specific store URL. (This is the URL that Shopify gives you, and it contains “”. For example: “”)

  6. Click Save.

Option 2: From the Shopify App Store:

  1. Visit the Payfast page on the Shopify App Store:

  2. Click Add app.

  3. If you aren’t logged in, Shopify will prompt you to log in, please do so.

  4. If you have multi-stores on your account, Shopify will ask you which store you’d like to install Payfast onto. Make the selection and enter your Shopify-specific store URL. (This is the URL that Shopify gives you, and it contains “”. For example: “

Option 3: From your Shopify Settings

  1. Ensure that you're logged in to your Payfast account.

  2. Log in to your Shopify store and open your Shopify store settings.

  3. Navigate to Payments and click 'Add payment methods' under Supported payment methods.

  4. Under 'Search by Provider', search for Payfast and select it from the list. Click Activate.

  5. Click Connect to initiate the installation.

Step 2: Authorising the Payments App

Regardless of which method you’ve chosen to initiate the installation, the process remains the same from here on out: 

The page automatically redirects you to Shopify’s authorisation screen to authorise the Payments App installation. To do this:

  1. Click Install app on the Shopify screen showing the Payfast App.

  2. You’re redirected to the Payfast Dashboard (if you aren’t yet logged in to your Payfast Dashboard, it’ll prompt you to do so now) where you can activate the Payments App.

Step 3: The Most Important Step: Activating the App

Activating the Payments App is the most important step. It ensures that Payfast is set up correctly in your store’s checkout funnel. Without this step, Payfast won’t appear as a payment method. 

To activate the app, do the following:

  1. Click Activate. A Shopify window opens in a new tab on your browser where you can configure the Payfast Payments App.

Configuration options:

  • Select which payment method icons to display when Payfast appears as a payment choice on your store. (Please note: these icons do not directly correlate to the payment methods you have activated on Payfast itself. When you reach the transaction engine, all Payfast activated payment methods will display regardless of what’s selected here.)

  • Run “Test Mode” to test the integration and how your store will work. Make sure to disable “Test Mode” when you’re ready to take your store live.

2. Once finished with your configuration, click Activate Payfast. You can now close this window.

You’re all done and can now accept payments on Shopify with Payfast.

A few things to remember: 

  • If you ever want to manage your Payfast Payments App on Shopify, you can reach it through the “Manage Shopify” link in your Integration settings on your Payfast Dashboard.

  • Remember to turn off “Test Mode” when you want to take your store live.

  • You can also configure your Shopify Payment Apps on Shopify itself, in the Payments menu of your store’s settings.

  • Please note: For new orders to automatically reflect as paid after a successful Payfast payment, the ‘’Payment capture’’ method on Shopify is to be set to 'Automatic'.

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