Mukuru Pay

Mukuru Pay

What is Mukuru Pay?

Mukuru Pay is a new Payfast payment method that allows anyone to pay using cash for online purchases. This payment method is ideal for shoppers who want to shop online but don’t have a credit card, bank account or feel comfortable paying online. You can find out more about Mukuru Pay via Payfast here and Mukuru here.  

If you are a merchant wanting to offer Mukuru Pay as a payment method on your online store, check out this article.  

If you are an online shopper wanting to find out how to make a payment with Mukuru Pay, check out this article  

How do I pay for my online purchase with cash at a Mukuru outlet?

To make an online payment with Mukuru Pay, do the following: 

  1. At checkout, select the Mukuru Pay payment method.  
  2. Enter your mobile phone number. This is needed for notification and receipt purposes.  
  3. A unique Mukuru payment code is displayed which you can save to your device or send to yourself via SMS or email. Please note: This code has an expiration period.  
  4. Take that code to any Mukuru outlet and pay for your online purchase in cash.  
  5. Once the payment is processed you will receive an SMS payment confirmation and the online store will be notified to process and ship your order.  
Please note: Mukuru Pay is only available for online purchases that are R300 or more, with a limit of R20,000. 

How do I enable/disable Mukuru Pay as a payment method?

Mukuru Pay is available for all merchants who have a Payfast account unless they specialise in:

  1. Online gambling or casinos (excluding sports betting)
  2. Pharmaceuticals, prescription and recreational drugs
  3. Cigars and/or tobacco sales
  4. Liquor (where the merchant’s brand is directly associated with the sale of liquor, for example, a liquor store)
  5. Money transfer operator
  6. Bureaux de change

If you wish to disable/enable Mukuru Pay as a payment method, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods. 
  1. Scroll down to Mukuru Pay and enable/disable the payment method.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions to enable the payment method (This will be availed for reference once you enable the method in Merchant Dashboard).

How do I refund a Mukuru Pay payment? 

You can refund Mukuru payments as you would a credit card payment described above. To action refunds for Mukuru, simply request your customer’s banking information and enter their details when prompted. The reason for this is that not all payment methods are able to be refunded to the original source that the purchase was received. In such instances, we provide the ability to refund a transaction through to a bank account. This transaction takes 2-3 working days.

What is the Mukuru Pay fees?  

Please visit our fees page for more information.   

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