How do I integrate PayFast with Invoice Ninja?

How do I integrate PayFast with Invoice Ninja?

To integrate your PayFast account with Invoice Ninja, do the following:


  1. Log in to your Invoice Ninja account.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings.

  3. Click on Configure Gateways.

  4. Search for and select PayFast as the Provider.

  5. Enter your PayFast Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Passphrase. For information on where to find these, read this article

    1. To see how to set a passphrase, please read this article.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Should you wish to test your integration in sandbox mode, tick the box for ‘Test Mode’ and click Save.

  8. With Test Mode active, you may view an invoice and click ‘Pay Now’ to complete a test transaction.

  9. Once you’re ready to switch to live payments, untick the box for ‘Test Mode’ and click Save.

Please note: This module was developed by Invoice Ninja, so please visit their website for integration support. You will need to have a registered PayFast merchant account to access your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Passphrase required for integration.

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