How do I enable a passphrase on my PayFast account?

How do I enable a passphrase on my PayFast account?

The passphrase is an optional/extra security feature that you can enable on your PayFast Dashboard to make your security signature (sent when a payment is made) more secure.

You may set your passphrase as a combination of up to 32 characters of your choosing.

To enable the passphrase on your account, do the following:

  1. Log in to your PayFast account.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developer settings.
  3. Enter your Security Passphrase and click Save. Please note: Your passphrase cannot be more than 32 characters.

Once you have set your passphrase: you will need to enter it into your plugin's integration settings along with your Merchant ID and Key. It's important to check if your plugin/integration supports this feature before you set it up.

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